Borders will no longer dictate human potential

Fueled by technology, Project Y pioneers a groundbreaking global citizenship, offering premium education, abundant income prospects and social security to underserved populations around the world.
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What We Solve
We started Project Y in response to the profound inequality crisis that grips the world. In a world where talent is universally distributed but opportunities remain uneven, we aim to bridge the gap. Our mission is to eliminate constraints imposed by predetermined factors such as geography or prevailing political or socio-economic conditions and instead, provide underserved individuals with choices that empower them to take control of their futures.
We've seen many people grapple with limited access to quality education, face restricted job opportunities, and lack social security in developing markets. The numbers speak volumes - in Africa, over 70 million youths are unemployed, with a staggering 60% youth unemployment rate in South Africa alone. This crisis extends beyond local borders, posing potential global consequences. Our vision as Project Y is to address these challenges head-on and create a conduit of change so that our members have the opportunity to shape their own success stories.
What We Do
Project Y identifies a pool of untapped talent globally, particularly in developing countries and provides them with access to education, capital, and robust support systems that enable them to fill global talent shortages.
We believe that the market potential is significant, with Africa projected to represent 42% of the global youth population by 2030. Few alternatives are available for talents in developing markets to thrive, presenting a substantial opportunity to reimagine a better system to fundamentally reshape the approach to global talent development and investment.
Our Founders
Felix Anthonj
Felix Anthonj, our CEO, is a tech entrepreneur and investor known for successfully building and expanding digital businesses. Prior to founding Project Y, he established and scaled a German SaaS company, attracting over 100 large enterprise clients in Europe. In 2021, the company was acquired by a Private Equity firm.
Felix's vision for Project Y is to democratize access to opportunities and create a digital nation that transcends borders, providing equal opportunities and social welfare across countries.

Alexandra Clare
Alexandra Clare, our COO, is a social impact entrepreneur renowned for her expertise in building and expanding organisations at the intersection of technology and social impact. She serves as the Co-Founder & CEO of Re:Coded, a social impact startup dedicated to empowering youth from underserved communities to pursue careers in technology.
Her impactful work has been featured on major networks and publications, including CNN, Vogue, TechCrunch, and BBC. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Alexandra was honoured with the Women in Tech Global Award in 2021, named NYU's Changemaker of the Year in the same year, and awarded the Australian National University's Alumni of the Year in 2020.
Our Values
Our organisation is fueled by a set of fundamental values that serve as our guiding principles. These values not only define our identity but also shape our interactions, decision-making process, and the overall fabric of our culture
Ambitious & Visionary
We don't confine ourselves to borders or limitations that others might see. Rejecting to accept the status quo, we constantly strive to elevate our performance and aim to be leaders in every facet of our work.
Shared Values
We are striving to build a sustainable, and measurable impact for our customers, partners, and employees. We understand that our business will only flourish, if we deliver great value to others and want to align our interests accordingly.
Trust is the bedrock of our relationships, grounded in radical transparency and honesty. We believe in earning genuine trust through a commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity. Recognizing our responsibility for the livelihoods of humans, we approach each decision in respect of the potential consequences.
Even as we confront challenging realities and tackle significant social issues, we endeavour to infuse enjoyment into the journey for all stakeholders. Viewing problems as intriguing challenges that add zest to life, we maintain an optimistic outlook, steadfast in our belief that nothing is insurmountable.