Pay As You Earn:
A Success Based Payment Plan

We’re on a mission to empower talented individuals by providing membership support without the financial burden of an upfront payment.
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of your income
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Support the next generation
When you join Project Y, you’re not just receiving support; you’re paying it forward by committing 15% of your future earnings into our membership system. This ensures that others can benefit from the same opportunities you receive.
Hassle Free Repayments
There’s no hassle with transfers or fees. We will automatically deduct your repayment to Project Y before your income is paid into your wallet. Your obligation to pay will stop once your membership contract with us ends.
Transparent Terms
Curious to learn more about the terms and conditions for our outcomes based payment plan? We value transparency and want to ensure you’re equipped with all the information to make a fully informed decision before you sign up.
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Meet Thembi
Thembi is a talented individual who does not come from a wealthy background. She applies and is selected to become a Project Y member, receiving services with a value of up to 30,000 EUR including top-tier tech training, access to great co-working spaces, a monthly financial support, a laptop and various other benefits. And most importantly, Project Y assists Thembi to secure a well-paying job in a European tech company.
A few months later, Thembi earns 2,000 EUR per month and consequently now pays 15% of her monthly income to Project Y. These income-based membership fees allow Project Y to provide the same services Thembi has received to future members and build a more equitable society - the Y-Nation.
Change Your Mind, No Problem
We understand that life can take unexpected turns. If Project Y no longer suits your needs, you can cancel your contract and withdraw your membership within 60 days. Unlike bank loans, you only pay when you generate an income.
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Take a look at our outcomes based terms and conditions page or feel free to get in touch.
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