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Education and Experiences
Finding the right education isn't easy.
Project Y has done the research for you and handpicked the best training and education providers.
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Full-Stack Bootcamp 
(AI specialisation)
Provider: Re:Coded
This 7-month, full-time full-stack development bootcamp, emphasizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), equips you with the necessary skills to develop innovative apps and websites. The program combines remote and on-site learning, with a mandatory requirement to perform a certain amount of work from our designated co-working spaces, fostering a collaborative and focused learning environment.
Job Readiness Training
Includes interview training, technical task preparation, mock interviews with feedback, resume and LinkedIn profile building, and GitHub profile enhancement.
Language Training
Provides proficiency training in English and additional languages, such as German, preparing you for the linguistic demands of your employment region.
Soft Skills Development Training
Focuses on enhancing collaboration, problem-solving, time management, adaptability, leadership principles, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution skills.
Financial Literacy Training
Covers budgeting, investment management, financial goal setting, debt management, credit management, and consumer rights.
Our Employer Partners
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Employment & Career Development
Project Y membership provides access to a variety of career services designed to support your job search and career development. It's important to note that securing and maintaining employment is ultimately your responsibility.
Job Placement
As your agent, we facilitate placements in both local and international full-time roles. The initial opportunity typically comes in the form of a 24-month apprenticeship contract or an internship, providing a solid foundation for your career development.
Employer of Record
Through Project Y's Employer of Record (EOR) service, companies can employ you with us acting as your official employer. This arrangement is particularly attractive for engagements with international employers, as we handle all administrative aspects, including payroll, taxes, pension contributions, and legal compliance. This also ensures accurate and timely payment for you.
Visa & Relocation Support
Project Y provides complimentary consulting services for any work visa-related inquiries, offering guidance and support throughout the visa application process.
Financial Support
We offer a monthly support package to cover living expenses, data and internet, and transport costs to Project Y hubs. This support kicks in after a successful first month of enrollment, following the "Trial Phase," and continues as long as the member does not earn an income.
Month 1: R0
The first month of membership, known as the "Trial Phase," does not include financial support. Members are expected to cover their own transport and other costs during this period to show their "skin in the game".
Month 2-7: R4000p/m
From the second month onwards, during your study and job orientation period, you will receive a monthly allowance from us to support basic needs, including transport to Project Y hubs. Financial support is distributed partially in cash and primarily through vouchers.
After month 8: R6000p/m
(until job placement)
During the job placement phase, you'll receive an increased monthly income from us to cover your basic needs, supporting you until you secure a job that pays significantly more than 6,000 ZAR. Financial contributions will cease upon job acquisition. Note that we reserve the right to discontinue financial support if there is insufficient commitment to the job search, at our discretion.
Laptop Rental
Available exclusively with the comprehensive package, we offer a suitable laptop for educational and professional use for up to 24 months. Usage is restricted to educational and professional purposes, and we reserve the right to limit access to the laptop exclusively at Project Y hubs.
Project Y Co-Working Hubs
Our membership grants you access to office and co-working spaces across all Project Y hubs. These hubs are equipped with workspaces, stable internet, and electricity, ensuring an optimal work environment. Additionally, community managers are present at the hubs to facilitate engagement, and regular events are organized to connect you with like-minded peers.

Current Hub Locations:
- Cape Town
- Johannesburg

Community & Support
Customer Success Coach
As a member, you'll have scheduled meetings with your personal success coach, who is accessible via WhatsApp and email during business hours (Monday, 9 AM to 5 PM). The role of your success coach is to guide you through the early stages of your career and help you maximize the benefits of your Project Y membership.
Community Events
We host regular events for our members, both on-site and online. These gatherings range from fun, community-building activities to more focused events aimed at developing new competencies.
Community of likeminded peers
As a Project Y member, you're part of a supportive network where members assist each other, ensuring you're always in good company. We all share the joint vision to make this world a more equitable place and support future generations.
Discounts & Vouchers
The Project Y membership app unlocks access to an array of discounts and rewards, offering you the potential to save thousands of Rand each month.
Join Project Y, where we're not just shaping careers; we're transforming lives and making a meaningful impact.
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